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Odie is all worn out after all the excitement of the holidays.

December 2012


Boo!  Isn't this the scariest ghost you've ever seen?

October 2012

Hey little dude, where'd you hide the snacks?

December 2012


Odie loves going for rides with his peeps, November 2012


It's "back to school" time and Odie is already hitting the books.

September 2012


Odie cheers on Team USA as they go for the gold in the dogpaddle,

August 2012


Odie shows off his summer cut, July 2012


Big bees make big flowers, April 2012

Odie's wild side is bad to the bone, June 2012


Odie's into the spirit of "March Madness", competing to make the

"Final Four Paws" of the National Pomeranian Athletic Association!

March 2012

Odie tries to be a "Paw-casso", April 2012


Leap Year only comes around every 4 years.  That's 28 years when

you're a dog, so when you get one you make the most of it!

February 2012


When Odie leaves his house on Groundhog Day,

will he see his shadow and expect to endure 6

more weeks of winter?

February 2012

...and carrots, beans & corn. Not everyone is as

well fed as Odie during the holidays, so he wants

you to remember those who aren't.

December 2011


At the Reindog Parade, December 2011


What's it like to be in a parade?

Odie on the "Hoop Cam" during the annual Children's Hospital Christmas Parade, December 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 2011

They'll never see me coming in this costume!

Halloween 2011


Odie is the fastest dog on the lake, September 2011




Odie's the fastest Pomeranian on the lake, September 2011


Odie takes to the skies on National Dog Day, August 2011


Odie is enjoying his summer, and reminds you to wear your

sunscreen! July 2011


What Odie goes through to create a photocard, July 2011

Odie Salutes Fathers on Father's Day, June 2011

Odie recovers from a bug sting, July 2011

Which Odie do you like?  May 2011


Laissez les bon temps roulez!, March 2011

Laissez les bon temps roulez!, March 2011

Odie & Cinni CPA (Cat & Puppy Accountants) remind you

to properly document your treat expenditures and to sign your

return before you file your taxes, April 2011


Snow and ice doesn't bother this fuzzball, January 2011

What better way to spend a cold winter evening than in your Snuggie(tm) and waching "The Real Housepets of Atlanta", February 2011

What better way to spend a cold winter evening than in your

Snuggie(tm) and watching "The Real Housepets of Atlanta"

February 2011


4 inches of snow can be challenging when you're only an 8-pound fuzzball.


Ready for the Christmas Parade, December 2010


3rd Annual Atlanta Botanical Garden Reindog Parade Parade



Odie & Happy Tails in the annual Children's Hospital Christmas Parade


Odie the Bomberanian salutes our nation's veterans

Odie the Bomberanian salutes our nation's veterans



Odie's feature film debut as "Chewbeekie" the Wookiee


All ready for football season, September 2010

May the Fuzz be with You! - Odie-Wan Kenobi

Odie-Wan is set for Halloween Fun, October 2010


Helping out with the trash at the annual "Shore Sweep", September 2010


Okay, I may need help getting this bag into the boat, September 2010



Is it that time already?  Odie checks out his school supplies, August 2010


I'm the fastest Pom on the lake, September 2010


Odie feels the need for some speed, July 2010


Odie sends all his love!


April Showers bring May Flowers, May 2010

Odie practices the piano for an upcoming therapy dog visit, May 2010


Preparing for National Napping Day, March 2010

On the trail for National Park Week, April 2010


Odie does his Junbi undo,

January 2010

Going for the gold in the Winter Olympics,

February 2010


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