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Hey? What are the odds of meeting another orange Pom in the same outfit?

Reindog Prade, December 2009

At the Children's Hospital Christmas Parade, December 2009

Where the Mild Things Are, October 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, November 2009


Gimme Some Wheels, August 2009


I'm a Yankee Doodle Doggie, July 2009

Cheering on his favorite team at "Bark at the Park", May 2009

Feeling a little smaller than usual, May 2009




Is this the same dog?  Before and after the annual shave, April 2009


Odie makes the most of National Napping Day,

March 2009

You're no bunny 'till some bunny love you,

April 2009


Happy Holidays from our Christmas Angel,

December 2008

Odie gets ready to party on his birthday,

February 2009

Odie and cousin Lilly lead the "Lookalikes" section of the "Reindog Parade", December 2008

Odie dreams of being an Olympic champion,

August 2008

Happy Halloween!, October 2008


Odie celebrates Cinco de Mayo,

May 2008

Odie celebrates National Cowboy Day,

July 24th 2008



Odie & John get sent to the groomers, April 2008


March 2008

Odie Graduates Basic Training, April 2008


Airman Odie

Airman Odie wishes everyone a high-flying Valentine's Day, February 2008


For all of those who ask, "Where does Odie sleep?"


Sometimes you're the dog, somethings you're the tree!

Odie wishes all his fans a very happy holiday, December 2007

Happy New Year

Odie wishes all his fans a very happy New Year!, January 2008


Odie the Pirate

Captain Odie the Pirate is all set for Halloween, October 2007


Odie drives the boat

Odie takes his peeps on a Labor Day cruise, September 2007

Odie shows off his new summer cut, June 2007

In his "low drag" configuration, September 2007

Odie loves hanging out in the back yard, June 2007


O'Dog wishes all his friends the Luck of the Irish,

March 2007

Odie is all ready for a summer of fun on the lake,

May 2007


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