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Cinni (Chee-Nee) the cat and Odie send their love to everyone on Valentine's Day, February 2007


Cinni (Chee-Nee) the cat and Odie chat up Santa, December 2006


Odie has much to be thankful for on his first Thanksgiving, November 2006


The Orange Dog is even more so at sunset, November 2006


After a very long, busy day, we're beat!  November 2006


Hanging out with the big boys, November 2006


Hanging with Dad downtown, November 2006


Hanging out with Uncle Chee-nee, October 2006


Watching the big dogs go by at the river park, October 2006


How can we lose when we're so sincere?  September 2006



Hanging out with Uncle Chee-nee, September 2006


Dressed & ready for some adventure, September 2006


Sometimes, adventure means getting wet, September 2006


All dressed up and ready to party!  August 2006


I'm a Yankee-Doodle-Doggie!  July 2006


The "uglies", when Pomeranians shed baby fuzz for their adult fur, June 2006


That special "Odie" smile, June 2006


His "Turbo" face, June 2006


First time out on the boat, June 2006


Not yet sold on the concept of the leash thing, May 2006


Hanging out with Dad on a sunny spring day, April 2006


Happiness is the springtime sun on your tummy, April 2006


Showing off a bit of "tude", April 2006


You're no bunny 'till some bunny loves you!  April 2006


Odie's chosen his first favorite toys, March 19th, 2006


Odie's first day with us, March 18th, 2006


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